This class takes the student through the basics of guitar electronics. Although not a class in electronics it will nevertheless familiarize the student in reading basic guitar wiring diagrams and good solderwork. The student can choose whether to sign up for either format. Format A is a 3 hour class that will introduce the student to basics of wiring and is recommended especially for those that have never done any soldering. The student will get hands on experience with soldering , reading schematics and will learn how to diagnose components with a multimeter. A very simple circuit layout can also be completed within this class such as I pickup/1 volume and tone control plus input jack. An input jack will be provided within the cost of tuition, additional components as students cost. Format B is recommended for an beginner/intermediate level student, one that has some wiring experience. In this class which can last up to 6 hours and may require 2 meetings, the student will be taken through a complete circuit wiring. This can include mounting of new pickups and new wiring of replacement components such as 3 to 4 potentiometers, one or several switches, all necessary wire, capacitors and jack. An input jack will be provided at no extra cost. Student may purchase pickups and components through the school or bring in their own materials. NOTE: class will cover PASSIVE CIRCUIT wiring only.