TELA solidbody w/ zebrawood top, pair of Seymour Duncans and RMC piezo bridge.
Introduced in 1993, I’ve built numerous different versions of this model since 1993 within a solidbody, hollowbody w/tone post and hollowbody w/o a tone post to the public.

The body depth of the solidbody version has been reduced over the years in order to facilitate a more livelier resonance to the overall sound and feel of the instrument. In the past several years I’ve been favoring a body depth of 1 3/8 ” and even as thin as 1 1/4″ or even 1 3/16″. There is a notable difference between one built to a more standard 1 3/4″  and the much thinner 1 1/4″ bodied one. And the difference is a lessened overall weight and resonance in the body that the player will not only feel but hear in the quality of the amplified tone.

Overall weight will vary from just over 5 lbs to around 6 lbs dependent on the types of woods used and number of pickups and type of hardware.

As is the case with each model, the TELA is built to order to the players requested specs in regards to nut width, neck shape, materials used throughout and pickup and hardware specifications.

Every instrument I build is handmade with high attention to detail and structural integrity.