Search Engine

The Search Engine is a solidbody fretless guitar. Tuning may be standard guitar or an open tuning with a specific key center ( most fretless instruments tend to perform better when centered around a specific key ).

Several scale length options are available, the most common being between 24" to 26 ".

The example pictured in the photo was made from a single piece of Imbuia ( aka Brazilian Walnut ) with the only usage of glue in adhering the ebony fretboard to the neck.

Available single piece ( as in photo ) or w/ bolt on neck.

Fretboard options include Ebony or Katalox or Aluminum.

Also note that this model just like TELA may be ordered with two or even three different necks - one fretted w/ standard scale length, fretless with standard scale length and the third possible neck of either baritone scale ( 27.5" ) or long scale ( 31.5" ) . The third neck may be fretless or fretted or a hybrid of the two.

It may be even better than googl...

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